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Kickin' Cucumber
Strawberries & Champagne
Mandarin Mimosa
Chocolate Cherry Walnut
| Organic Hemp Extract |
| Nano Emulsified for maximum bio-availability | 
| Actually Feel Something! |
| Northern Colorado grown and processed |
| Generous 16 oz Serving Size |
| Sugar-Free |
| Gluten Free | 
| Non-GMO |
| Organic Flavors |
| Zero Calories |
| All Natural |
| Keto Friendly |
| No Sodium |
| Non Alcoholic |
| Where to Buy |
| Northern Colorado |
  • Beavers Market
  • Bullfrog Wine & Spirits
  • Campus West Liqours
  • Emporium Sports Bar
  • Heritage Market-Eaton, CO
  • Horsetooth Inn and R.V. Park
  • Intersect Brewing Company
  • JJ's Country Corner
  • Little Big's Lakeside Market
  • Liquor Kabinet
  • Lucky's Market-Fort Collins
  • Lucky's Market-Boulder
  • Loyalty Liquors
  • Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company
  • Munchies Super Market
  • Obee's-Fort Collins
  • Old Town Liquors
  • Overland Foods
  • Pulcinella Pizzaria & Wine Bar
  • Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar and Pub
  • The Axe and Ale
  • Vern's Place
  • Walnut Creek
| Grand Lake |
  • Grand Lake Wine & Spirits
  • Rocky Mountain Grocery
| Denver |
  • Arrow Liquormart
  • Broadway Discount Liquor
  • Davidson's Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Pyramid Discount Liquors
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| Testimonials |

Dear Pure,

First off, I love your water! Best CBD product I've ever tried.  

I am very active, have the occasional anxiety & stress, and I'm a parent to a teenage daughter.  

With those in mind, things I have noticed after drinking one of your waters:

-I have felt my muscles relax some

-my anxiety and stress melt away

-sleeping better

I drink at least one of these a day, Grapefruit is my favorite!

Thank you again!


Your loyal customer,

Jessica N.

I have had problems falling asleep for the last 10 to 15 years.

About 6 months ago I was introduced to the product PURE.

I have always taken a sleep aid to get to sleep. I no longer have to take medication before bedtime.  I will drink a PURE in the morning to start my day relaxed  and another before bedtime. I can feel that PURE has so many health benefits. I did not want to keep taking pills to help me fall asleep, it was not a good plan. Thanks to PURE I found a solution to my problem and now can function in the daytime.

Thanks agian,

Joe T.

Cheers To Your Health

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



| Sparkling Water + 25mg Organic Hemp Extract |

Kickin' Cucumber
Strawberries & Champagne

Hibiscus Flower

Mandarin Mimosa
Chocolate Cherry Walnut

Pink Grapefruit

| Quality Without Compromise |